for House Industries, 2012

Photo-Lettering Headline Setter
Headline setting interface

Photo-Lettering is the culmination of an ambitious effort by House Industries to bring the typographic archive and attention-to-detail of the legendary Photo-Lettering Inc. into the digital world.

Working with House Industries, we used a combination of visual design, front-end interaction, back-end Django application programming, and a robust server architecture to build an intuitive process to set, purchase and download user generated headlines as scalable vector art.

Integrating LettError’s LetterSetter service, we created a unique lettering interface, making it easy to set and customize layered alphabets such as Eventide and multi-interpolatable wonders like D’Amico Gothic.

As part of the user account system, we also introduced a subscription service for monthly recurring payments. Several plans give account owners the option to invite multiple users to share the benefits of a subscription.

In 2012, Photo-Lettering was nominated for the London Design Museum’s Design of the Year and featured in the award exhibition.

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Photo-Lettering Subscription Plans
Users can choose a subscription plan
Photo-Lettering How-to
An animated how-to guides users through setting a headline
Photo-Lettering Wallstreet
Photo Credit: Carlos Alejandro Photography